Dr Justin Love Notes

I’ve finally figured out the formula that can keep my beloved wife alive forever.  I intend to keep her heart close to me at all times.  It is now time to share it with the world.  I’m calling this The Essence of Love.  It will prolong heart functions indefinitely as long as it is administered on a regular basis.  I will continue to experiment to reduce the frequency of the doses needed.  I’m hoping that by eliminating needles and incorporating the formula into everyday products, everyone will have a chance at eternal love.

Unfortunately, it did come at a cost for which I am willing TO notify the Food and Drug Administration after I fine tune my product further.  I cannot bother with that now as there is still much research to do.  I couldn’t have done this without the funding provided to me by Headmore Research.

Later, I will provide insight into all of the details including the identities of which MISSING WOMEN I used as my test SUBJECTs. Most had undesirable results, but each one brought me closer to today.  The formula CONTENTs are a mixture of specific BLOOD TYPES and essential oils extracted from skin, nails, and hair.