Last Updated December 8th, 2021

Our COVID-19 policies:

  • We require the use of masks for both our staff and customers to enter our facility
  • We require customers to wear masks while in public areas such as the lobby and hallways
  • Vaccinated customers may remove their masks once they are in their respective rooms.  Masks should be put back on before exiting the room.
    • Special accommodations can be made on a case by case basis PRIOR to arrival/booking for those that can't or don't wish to wear a mask, but it must be made prior and the appropriate staff identified to handle such occasions.  This would apply to persons that refuse to wear a mask due to medical or religious exemption.
  • We provide hand sanitizer
  • We provide face masks for those that need one (when available)
  • All of our bookings are now Private (there is only a slight up-charge when it's just 2 players), the $20 fee has been waived
  • We attempt to stagger our start times to avoid different groups from coming in contact with each other
  • Some staff has had training on the Count on Me NC initiative: https://countonmenc.org


The Game On Escapes Team