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Our Escape Rooms in Morehead City

For more games, please visit our sister location in  Cary, NC.  We have 5 games there now: MacGregor Manor, Rest Easy Motel, Trapped in a Jungle, Sorcerer's Mistake, and Blind Eye.

Revolutionary Betrayal

Revolutionary Betrayal

Who would have thought that a founding member of the Sons of Liberty, the group responsible for the Boston Tea Party, which ultimately led to the Revolutionary War, would betray his own?
Dig through the home of William Arnold, a descendant of the traitor, to recover the genuine Declaration of Independence as we’ve recently discovered the one in Washington DC is a fake! Make sure no one sees you!
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Dr. Love

Dr. Justin Love is a world renowned researcher specializing in prolonging heart function, a field he began to explore after losing his wife in a freak accident 7 years ago. He is about to release the culmination of his life research, The Essence of Love, which is a natural product intended to assist heart functions and amplify the heart’s ability to love someone at a deeper level. It is his belief that having this connection will prolong one’s natural life. No animals were harmed in the creation or testing of Essence.

You are part of a focus group that will be getting a behind the scenes look into his research, an opportunity to test Essence, and meet with the doctor himself.

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Dr. Love



Oh No! You’ve been Grinched! It’s the night before Christmas and the Grinch has broken into your home and sabotaged Christmas. Can you work together to save your Christmas before Santa arrives?

Kid/Family friendly – Suggested age of 5 to 12
Encounters with Elves & SNOW are a HIGH probability
Please note that this game does involve the use of Wheat Flour & Dairy Products.

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11:45 AM - 10:45 PM


11:45 AM - 9:30 PM

Please feel free to contact us to schedule an event outside of our normally posted hours.  As long as we have a little notice we can almost always accommodate your request for fun!

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