Our Escape Rooms in Morehead City

For more games, please visit our sister location in  Cary, NC.  We have 4 games there now: MacGregor Manor, Rest Easy Motel, Trapped in a Jungle, Sorcerer's Mistake, and our latest Game Show SHOWDOWN.

Morehead ManorNEW ROOM

You and your friends decide to be spontaneous and head to Atlantic Beach for a quick getaway. So you jump in the car and start heading down to the coast making the arrangements along the way. not knowing that the big rock blue marlin tournament was taking place that weekend there was absolutely no lodging available until you came across the only thing left on AirBnB. "A charming little cottage just across the bridge in Morehead City, the infamous Morehead Manor". You can't believe how cheap the price is so you book it right away.
Unbeknownst to you and your friends the house is believed to be cursed and once you enter you have 60 minutes to break the curse or you may never leave!

Please note: This game is heavily based off of MacGregor Manor in our Cary, NC location. It is not recommended to play if you have experienced that already.

We DO allow children 10 & older to play this game; however, this is a relatively dark themed game with some loud noises.   Book Now!

The Collector

Do you like collecting things? Sure you do, everyone collects things.  That's why you are part of the Nothing's Useless Auction House, where we believe that one person's trash is another person's treasure!  Unfortunately, several winners of some of our auctions have had their items stolen.  As part of the stolen antiquities task force, we believe we have found the culprit.  It's our duty to investigate and retrieve some lost items, most notable are supposedly some of Blackbeard's sailing and treasure maps.

Please note that this game does involve a fair amount of the use of color.   If you are colorblind and wish to play, we recommend bringing a friend that isn't to enjoy the game to the fullest capability.  This is a reskinned version of Blind Eye in Cary with a lighter story that is family friendly.   Book Now!

Revolutionary Betrayal

Revolutionary Betrayal

Who would have thought that a founding member of the Sons of Liberty, the group responsible for the Boston Tea Party, which ultimately led to the Revolutionary War, would betray his own?
Dig through the home of William Arnold, a descendant of the traitor, to recover the genuine Declaration of Independence as we’ve recently discovered the one in Washington DC is a fake! Make sure no one sees you!
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Dr. Love

Dr. Justin Love is a world renowned researcher specializing in prolonging heart function, a field he began to explore after losing his wife in a freak accident 7 years ago. He is about to release the culmination of his life research, The Essence of Love, which is a natural product intended to assist heart functions and amplify the heart’s ability to love someone at a deeper level. It is his belief that having this connection will prolong one’s natural life. No animals were harmed in the creation or testing of Essence.

You are part of a focus group that will be getting a behind the scenes look into his research, an opportunity to test Essence, and meet with the doctor himself.

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Dr. Love

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